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Low-Toxicity Housing is a crucial medical need of the Chemical Injured. Below are some informative articles regarding Low-Toxicity Housing.


1) Housing And Medical Needs Of The Chemically Injured

Currently, the Chemically Injured struggle to find any degree of accommodation in our health system, government programs or in society. Their two greatest medical challenges that need to be addressed are the low-toxicity housing needs and the low-toxicity health care needs.

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2) Results of The Low-Toxicity Housing Survey – January 2020

In 2019, Health Risk Navigation Inc. conducted a survey to evaluate the need of specialized, low-toxicity homes in the Chemically Injured community. Below is a general overview of the survey results prepared in January 2020.

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3) What Is A Low-Toxicity Home?

A low-toxicity home is a home in which the indoor air toxins are almost non-existent, in a locality in which the outdoor air toxins are reduced to very low levels. All the building products used to build the home and all the furnishings of the home are completely non-toxic.

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