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Convenient, "Safe" And Deadly.jpg
Convenient, "Safe" and Deadly

The True Costs of Our Chemical Lifestyle


Item # 1001C

Author: Flora Preston
Foreword By: Dr. Gunnar Heuser

Dr. Gunnar Heuser is a neurotoxicologist and an immunotoxicologist.


Other information: 

  • Book Published in 2006

  • Number of Pages: 224


  • 12 Charts

  • 64 Pictures

  • 6 Appendices

  • A Bibliography

  • Notes at the end of the Chapter

  • An Index

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Book Summary (taken from the back of the book)


Convenient, “Safe” and Deadly takes the basic principles of clinical toxicology and puts them in an easy to read and easy to understand format. Using the common Dose—Response relationship chart, the author demonstrates how the tiny doses of a wide range of thousands of chemicals we daily encounter accumulate into a very large chemical exposure dose. The cumulative effect over time frequently leads to ill health. We learn that our chemical lifestyle is not safe; and therefore, we must rise to the challenge of changing our lifestyle and of reducing our daily chemical exposure dose.

About the Author (taken from the back of the book)


Since 1987, Flora Preston has been disabled with Chemical Injuries. Prior to becoming disabled, she worked as a Registered Practical Nurse. However, for over 25 years, she has walked a tight rope between life and death. In Chapters 4 and 5, the author briefly tells how she learned the hard way that this chemical lifestyle is not safe. In her fight for survival, she was forced to rise to the challenge of changing her lifestyle and reducing her daily chemical dose. In doing so, her faith in God was also challenged and strengthened.

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