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What Is A Low-Toxicity Home?


What Is A Low-Toxicity Home?


A low-toxicity home is a home in which the indoor air toxins are almost non-existent, in a locality in which the outdoor air toxins are reduced to very low levels.


All the building products used to build the home and all the furnishings of the home are completely non-toxic. Also, all or almost all of the products and furnishings are completely inert, giving off no odour or vapour. This results in excellent indoor air quality.


A low-toxicity home is also built in a locality with excellent outdoor air quality. This means it is away from all smog, industrial pollution, pesticide usage and any other activity that negatively impacts the quality of air.


All those living in the home live a low-toxicity lifestyle. There is no scent on their person. Their hair products, skin products and laundry products are all scent free and fragrance free. All the products used in and around the home are non-toxic products. Therefore there would be no usage of toxic chemical products, such as:

  • cleansers or disinfectants,

  • pesticides, including insecticides

  • insect repellents

  • paints

  • oils and waxes

  • air fresheners

  • incense

  • laundry detergent

  • fabric softeners

  • and so on.


All the activities in and around the home are activities that do not degrade the air quality.


Additionally, an air purifying system is installed in the home to remove toxic chemicals that inadvertently enter the living space.


Why Is A Low-Toxicity Home Important?


Excellent indoor and outdoor air quality is a crucial medical need for the chemically injured. Living in a place with excellent air quality is a basic need for the recovery of everyone who is chemically injured, and is absolutely crucial for the survival of the severely chemically injured.


Frequently, being able to live in a safe, low-toxicity home will prevent the chemically injured from needing to be hospitalized. Many times their low-toxicity home becomes their mini hospital, where they will receive the care and treatments they need to bring about their recovery. Recovery can often be a slow process, but it is greatly aided by being able to live in a low-toxicity home.

Since some people view their homes like a hospital – a place of healing, some people put up signs outside their home to notify any visitors of this fact. Below is one such sign that is found beside the main door of a home for a chemically injured individual.

House Sign.JPG
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