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Roy A. Fox, BSc., M.D., M.E.S., FRCPC,

Medical Director, Nova Scotia Environmental Health Centre


In a letter to Flora Preston, Dr. Roy Fox wrote:

…You have been able to combine your own story in a very clear and personal way together with a great deal of information about low level contamination. … I found your book inspiring to see how the help of your family and friends has enabled you to survive and to experience times beyond survival. I feel comfortable in being able to say that I will recommend this book to the patients that I see. …

Toni Temple,

President, Ohio Network for the Chemically Injured


Flora Preston puts the toxicological causes of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) into down-to-earth terms and charts everyone can understand.  She inspires readers with her faith, courage, and perseverance while sharing painful experiences caused by negative attitudes of those who refuse to educate themselves.

Bruce J. Clemenger, B.A., M. Phil,.F, PhD (cand),

President, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada,

Former Neighbour


This book is both a clear and understandable primer on chemical sensitivity and a compelling testimony of courage, perseverance, faith and love. Flora is our canary in a toxic mineshaft – we should be thankful she continues to speak and we should heed the warning her life embodies.

Chaplain Jim Forbes and Janice Forbes, RN,

Hand of Hope Telephone Counseling Ministry


Convenient, “Safe” and Deadly sounds the alarm for all who live in these toxic times. Whether we are healthy or already suffering chemical injury we must heed the warning. We must renounce our easy dependency on lethal chemicals and embrace a less toxic lifestyle. None of us can escape the damage forced upon us by the chemical industry. As Christians we must arouse ourselves from passive acceptance of the chemical lifestyle. We must accept the challenge, and lead the way to preserve our God given right to clean food, pure water and fresh air. Read Flora Preston’s book and wake up to the frightening results of what chemicals are doing to us and to all future generations. Help to spread the alarm! Seek to find ways to reduce the chemical load for yourself and all those who live in your community.

Elisabeth Graham,

Executive Director, Precious Minds Resource and Learning Centre, Uxbridge, Ontario


Autism is a complex developmental disorder caused by an abnormality in the brain. Whether the cause is genetic, biological or neurological or some combination of the three is currently being researched. Many parents of autistic children, however, recognize that their child’s behaviour is significantly influenced by environmental and chemical sensitivities. Our son, Zachary, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at the age of three and for the last ten years we have been working with medical professionals to decrease Zachary’s severe behavioural responses to food, chemicals and the environment. I am thankful for Flora Preston’s efforts to raise awareness through her book Convenient, “Safe” and Deadly.  Her life is a dramatic example of the impact of chemicals on our lives.

Tracy Clark Clemenger, B.R.S., B.A., M.A.,
Former Legislative Assistant to the Opposition Critic on Health Care, Parliament Hill,

Former Neighbour


We are delivered over to our chemical lifestyles in the worst possible way when we regard it as something neutral or safe; for this conception of what we eat, drink, and breath, and  to which today we particularly like to do homage, makes us utterly blind to the essence of our chemical dependency. With the beautiful blend of fact and personal testimony, Flora offers a compelling lens in which to see ourselves and take on the challenge of the politics of our health.


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