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Flora's Personal Support


Being disabled with chemical injury is equivalent to someone driving a bulldozer over everything you valued in life and utterly destroying it. There is nothing you can do to stop it and somehow you have to try to salvage what little you can and try to rebuild your life. Some of us have family and friends to help in this rebuilding process, but many of us don't, and the aloneness of it all is very devastating in itself.


If there is any way that my own experiences can be of some help or support to others who are also chemically injured, then I am willing to share my struggles with them. I want to write from one sick person to another sick person, and hopefully bring some degree of comfort and encouragement to others who also have to walk this very difficult road.


Much of what I have to share centres around my Christian faith, because my relationship with God anchors me and keeps me grounded in the storms and struggles of this very difficult life. In my book, Convenient, "Safe" and Deadly, there is an autobiographical section. It gives an overview of some of my struggles and in it I share, in a tiny way, how God has helped me.


Flora's Articles


Below are some articles that I have written. They speak of my struggles in the early years of my disability and how I learned to make my Christian faith practical in my day to day life.


Faith At A Crossroads

When I first became disabled with Chemical Injury in June 1987, there were many, many adjustments I had to go through. I went from being independent and leading an active lifestyle to being completely dependent on my parents and leading a quiet, isolated lifestyle. Yet these were not all the adjustments that I had to make.

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Leaning On God's Everlasting Arms

Early in my disability, when the implications of what it meant to be disabled with Chemical Injury started to really hit me, I felt totally and completely overwhelmed. Almost everything that I had valued in life came to an abrupt end. My work days were over; my social life, as I knew it, was over; my church involvement was over; what I did for recreation was over; eating my favourite foods was over; and the list of all the changes that I had to make in my life just seemed to grow and grow.

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Hope Is Indispensable

First, let us consider the importance of hope and the role it plays in our lives. Hope is absolutely crucial in so many ways.

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Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Frequently, when bad or horrible things happen, people ask many questions. These questions are often very similar in nature; but they look at the issue from different perspectives. Here are some examples:

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Other Resources


Here are a couple of other resources for your comfort and encouragement:

  • Bible Gateway: This site provides the Bible online in many different languages, and in many different translations. It gives you various search options, such as: looking up specific chapters and verses, searching for specific phrases or words, searching for specific topics, and so on.

  • Hymn Time: This Cyber Hymnal lists thousands of old hymns, with their words, tunes and history. The words of old hymns can often bring comfort, encouragement and guidance in our struggles of life.

Hymns and Christian Songs


Here is a small selection of some hymns and Christian songs that help and encourage me. I hope that they are a help and an encouragement to you as well. The links are You Tube links.


  1. Day By Day - by Antrim Mennonite Choir

  2. Every Promise - by Stuart Townend

  3. He Will Hold Me Fast - by Keith and Kristyn Getty

  4. He Giveth More Grace - with Lyrics

  5. Perfect Wisdom Of Our God - by Keith and Kristyn Getty

  6. Trust His Heart - by Babbie Mason

  7. Trust in You - by Lauren Daigle

  8. Through The Fire - by The Crabb Family

  9. The Power Of The Cross - by Keith and Kristyn Getty

  10. Whom Shall I Fear - by Chris Tomlin

  11. Warrior - by Steven Curtis Chapman

  12. More Than Conquerors - by Steven Curtis Chapman

  13. My Worth Is Not In What I Own - by Keith and Kristyn Getty

  14. Do Everything - by Steven Curtis Chapman


Bible Verses


Here are some Bible Verses that have been a strong help and encouragement to me. I hope they will help and encourage you as well.

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