Christian Support Links

Below are a couple of links to websites where you might find further Christian support and encouragement:

  • Bible Gateway: This site provides the Bible online in many different languages, and in many different translations. It gives you the search options of looking up specific chapters and verses, searching for specific phrases or words, searching for specific topics, and so on.
  • Hymn Time: This Cyber Hymnal lists thousands of old hymns, with their history and their tunes. The words of hymns can often bring comfort, encouragement and guidance in our struggles of life.

If there is any way that my own experiences can be of some help or support to others who are also chemically injured, then I am willing to share my struggles with them. I want to write from one sick person to another sick person, and hopefully bring some degree of comfort and encouragement to others who also have to walk this very difficult road.

Much of what I have to share centers around my Christian faith, because my relationship with God anchors me and keeps me grounded in the storms and struggles of this very difficult life. Being disabled with chemical injury is equivalent to someone driving a bulldozer over everything you valued in life and utterly destroying it. There is nothing you can do to stop it and somehow you have to try to salvage what little you can and try to rebuild your life. Some of us have family and friends to help in this rebuilding process, but many of us don't, and the aloneness of it all is very devastating in itself.

Below are some articles I have written, and some hymns that help and encourage me. Also, in my book Convenient, "Safe" and Deadly  there is an autobiographical section.

Flora's Personal Support

Health Risk Navigation Inc

Bible Verses To Help and Encourage

Below are a few of the Bible verses that I to turn to when I need help and encouragement from God. I hope they are of some help and encouragement to you as well.