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Lab Tests Online: is a public resource on clinical laboratory testing. The information provided is peer-reviewed, non-commercial and patient-centered.


MCS Friends
MCS International
MCS-Liga Schweiz (Switzerland)
MCS Referral & Resources
ME/CFS Australia (SA) Inc

ME/FM Society of BC
M.E. Support
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Association of Ontario


National CFIDS Foundation
National ME-FM Action Network
New York's Green Cleaning Program: provides information for effective green cleaning practices for both institutions and the general public.
Nova Scotia Environmental Health Clinic - now called: Integrated Chronic Care Service (ICCS)

Ohio Network for the Chemically Injured
Our Little Place


Poisoned People


Rest Ministries

Rx List: provides valuable information about prescription drugs, so the patient can make an informed decision regarding taking the drug.


Safer Travel Directory

Sharing Air
Support Network for the Aldehyde and Solvent Affected

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care

The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation: raises public awareness about Chemical Sensitivity.
The House Doc
The Young ME Sufferers Trust
The Weather Network: provides local weather information, including wind direction and wind speed, which one needs to know in order to monitor the local air quality.

Think Before You Stink
Toxics Use Reduction Institute

Here are some links to assist you to navigate your health risks and to aid you in your search for:

  1. solid scientific information
  2. medically sound information
  3. supportive information
  4. other helpful information

The links are listed alphabetically.