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Clinical toxicologists follow the principle: the dose makes the poison. The greater the toxic chemical exposure (dose) an individual has, the greater their response to the poison will be. In the chart below, you will notice that the response progressively increases as the dose increases. Initially, there may be no noticeable effect. Then slight effect begins, followed by moderate effect, serious effect and, finally, death.

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Dose-Response Relationship

Chemical Injury Information

Convenient, "Safe" and Deadly  was written for the specific purpose of giving the general public a basic understanding of the health condition that is now called:  Chemical Injury. It uses basic clinical toxicology charts to help illustrate how anyone can acquire Chemical Injury.

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Frequently when someone reacts to perfume or to other consumer products that contain toxic chemicals, it is assumed that he/she is having an allergic reaction. However, there is a strong possibility that his/her reaction is not an allergic reaction, but a toxic reaction......

A toxic reaction is the body’s alarm system, warning the individual that their body is becoming increasingly poisoned.

Toxic chemicals are poisons. People are not allergic to poisons; people are poisoned by poisons. A chemically injured individual is a person who has become poisoned by the toxic chemicals they encounter on a daily basis.

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.... This gradual type of Chemical Injury is better known by its key symptom of Chemical Sensitivity, which simply means that the person has toxic reactions at very low levels of exposures to toxic chemicals. These reactions are not allergy reactions; they are toxic reactions. The toxic reactions are informing the person that chemical injury is occurring and there is a need to leave the toxic environment before greater injury occurs. The severity of the toxic reactions depend on how poisoned the person’s body is at the time of exposure.

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Toxic Reaction

The Body's Alarm System

An Overview Of Chemical Injury